Kyle Rivera

Mechanical Engineer

EIT Certified



Prior to graduation I had designed, fabricated, and tested a dry sump oil lubrication system, an automated robotic collection system, compressed air motor, wind turbine, and a catapult. Studying under a curriculum with such an emphasis on the practical applications of the material being taught, I have developed a solid foundation for common engineering principles. Working with teams of varying size and backgrounds presented a number of challenges, but also opened the doors to innovative solutions. In addition to my extensive project experience, I graduated cum laude and received recognition from the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi.

Senior Project


FSAE Dry Sump Oil Lubrication System, 2012-2013

In order for the CSU Sacramento Hornet Racing Team to compete against colleges like MIT and Purdue, we sought to design a dry sump oil lubrication system capable of allowing the vehicle to negotiate corners at speeds and lateral forces that have been impossible for the vehicle to achieve with a standard oil system design. Leading the research and design of the air/oil seperator, my primary responsibility was to ensure that the system would not aerate the oil due to inevitable pump cavitation. Through careful design, meticulous in-house manufacturing, and extensive testing we produced the team's first dry sump oil lubrication system. A modified version of the system is still in use today and can be seen here.

Class Projects and Competitions



From conception to testing, created an automated robot capable of collecting and delivering a payload across an obsticle course. Our robot was the only one capable of collecting the entire payload and navigating the entire obsticle course.

Compressed Air Motor

Utilized common machine shop tools and processes including a forge, lathe, mill, and drill press to fabricate a compressed air motor according to engineering plans. It quickly became apparent that simple design choices can have profound effects on manufacturing.

Wind Turbine

Designed a turbine optimized to capture kinetic energy from a desk fan. Designed blade geometry and angle of attack prior to fabricating a prototype. Our team achieved second place in the competition.


Tasked with the goal of launching a projectile as far as possible, there was only one design contraint: the catapult could not exceed one cubic foot. Through clever geometry, our team maximized the moment arm to tie for first place in the competition.