Kyle Rivera

Mechanical Engineer

EIT Certified



With over 4 years of experience, I have designed fluid systems of varying degrees of complexity and cost across many industries. Projects I have contributed to include medical gas distribution, engine temperature management, and electrochemical metal finishing. I owe a great deal of my success to my team-oriented attitude, dedication to providing excellent products, and willingness to learn. With experience in manufacturing and assembly, computer aided design and simulation, system testing, customer service, and project management, I take great pride in designing products and systems that are reliable and cost-effective. I believe that my valuable array of experience, strong educational background, and self-motivation makes me the perfect addition to any team.

Pan-Pacific Mechanical


Mechanical Design Engineer, 2015-present

Designing up to 7 multimillion dollar fluid systems simultaneously, I quickly enhanced my multitasking and prioritization skills. With systems ranging from medical and volatile gasses, to high-pressure water and gravity-driven waste drainage, I adapted to each project's unique requirements while adhering to standardized code restrictions. Regular coordination meetings allowed me to refine my designs and receive valuable insight from senior engineers. I quickly graduated from providing low-level design support to leading various aspects of the design for many of the projects. My ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment helped me to establish myself as a reliable engineer capable of completing projects with tight deadlines.


Project Engineer, 2014-2015

I displayed early signs of leadership and initiative by proving myself capable of diffusing diffucult situations, reducing costs, and coordinating with other teams. After managing 3 projects simultaneously, assisting in 6 additional projects, designing an automated system for calculating change order prices, and being recognized as a "Future Key Employee", I was given the opportunity to either manage the Southern California Small Projects Division or to be promoted to a Mechanical Design Engineer. Despite the prestige associated with managing a small division of the company, I opted instead to follow my passion for engineering.

Aluminum Coating Technologies


Engineer Intern, 2012-2013

During my final 2 years of college, I was able to intern for a small, though reputable, metal finishing company. Specializing in aluminum anodizing, the company was exploring ways in which to grow. By collaborating with vendors, gaining valuable insight from metal finishing experts, and through my own independent research, I pioneered and developed the company's first electropolishing system. Electropolishing utilizes electro-chemical processes, controlled in part by heat and fluid flows, to polish aluminum and steel parts without introducing the mechanical stresses inherent in other polishing processes. Through careful testing and analysis, I was able to fine-tune the system such that it was capable of electropolishing 16,000 parts daily.