Pan-Pacific Mechanical





Providing innovative and cost effective solutions to projects less than $10,000 and exceeding $20 million, I have proven my ability to adapt to teams and projects of all sizes. I have assisted in the design of some of California's largest and most recognizable structures, lead multidisciplinary teams toward increasing profits while decreasing costs for our customers, and brought in over $800,000 in revenue through competitive bidding and forming professional relationships with new clients. I was the youngest engineer in 2015 to be recognized as a "Future Key Employee."





  • Lead the layout and modelling of fluid systems for high-rise structures.
  • Calculate system requirements to assist in equipment selection.
  • Review plans and specifications to improve system efficiency, longevity, and serviceability.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to reduce cost and provide seamless integration.
  • Provide innovative solutions to unorthodox customer requirements.
  • Utilize Project Engineer experience to create practical designs.





  • Managed 3 projects to exceed projected profit margins through effective planning, delegation, and accountability.
  • In conjunction with the above, contributed to the planning and implementation of 10 additional projects.
  • Invented automated system for calculating cost of change orders.
  • Interpreted contract documents to competitively bid for projects, acheiving a 20% success rate.